LaksaaMana is a celebration of culinary tradition that makes us proud to be Malaysians. We have gone through great lengths to serve and preserve local favourites made with authentic recipes that have nourished, comforted and satisfied us for generations. 
We salute our brave and adventurous ancestors who blended their cultures with a good mix of herbs and spices, to create food that we treasure each day and crave every time we’re away.
Come and join us in our quest, as did gallant Laksamanas (Admirals) of the past to share our proud heritage with the world, and keep our cherished delicacies easily accessible and affordable for all to enjoy.                        

​​Taste of Rich Heritage 

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“top notch laksa that has quickly garnered a loyal following”

Megan Desiree Leong - Hungrygowhere Malaysia

1 008-06/2017

"we love the authentic taste"

The Notti Chef

We got reviewed

“the noodles strike enjoyably familiar, capably executed notes, topped & tangled with most of the pivotal accompaniments” 

Sean Yoong - Eat Drink KL

“the best fried chicken we have ever had”

Rubini - Astroview Traveller